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Money Heaven Investments is an Australian owned company and all our investments are fully compliant, licensed, and risk-averse.

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All the major investments done by Money Heaven is secured by top insurance agencies. All the major investments done by Money Heaven is secured by top insurance agencies.

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All income streams of Money Heaven Investments are uncorrelated to Property, Manufacturing Sector, Commodity, Stock and Bond markets.

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All the projects of Money Heaven Investments are transparent and filed by international legal professionals.

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How it all works? 

The money invested in money heaven investments is invested in a diversified portfolio which ranges from power, infrastructure, entertainment, energy sector, financial services, agriculture and pharma sector. This diversified portfolio provides money heaven investment a fixed and risk free assured returns. Our portfolio consists of short and long term investments handpicked by extensive research by our financial advisers and is fully backed by insurers in the manufacturing sector.

For short term investors, we invest in discounted invoice and financial services in Asia-pacific region where the manufacturing and financial sector gives an average monthly risk free return of 4-7%. Our annual return ranges from 36% to 84% yearly.

For long term investors, we invest in agricultural lands, construction, logistics and power sectors where the average rate of return grows exponentially to more than 180% in a time span of 5 years.

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Since 2010, highly principled financial professionals at money heaven investments have worked together in their capacities to bring value to the money. Money Heaven has accomplished what many companies aspire to do, but has failed – to provide a diversified portfolio for their clients and funnel continuous profits back to the investors. It is our vision to create a passive income for our investors and make their passive income as their primary income.

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How much amount can I invest with Money Heaven?

To invest with Money Heaven, you can start investing with an amount of 25,000 $. In case you wish to deposit an amount higher than 5,00,000 $, you need to get in touch with our representative.

What is the minimum period for the Investment with Money Heaven?

The minimum period for a investment with us is 12 Months.

Can I withdraw my deposit before maturity?

No, you can’t withdraw the amount before your maturity date.

What happens to the total amount after maturity?

You can always consider renewing your Investments with Money Heaven, as you approach the maturity period. However, in case you don’t choose to reinvest again with Money Heaven Investments, you can receive the final maturity amount directly in the bank account linked with us.

Where are you headquartered?

Please use any of the following means to make contact with us: Level 25/108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

How to re-invest?

If you have withdrawn your investment but wish to invest with us again, please fill in the Online Application Form as you have done so previously. Application can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

How to extend my investment terms?

If you are happy with your return and decide to stay with us longer, you are most definitely welcome. Just let us know and we’ll rollover your investment for you for the same term, easy!

Can I check my account online?

Member portal is under upgrade. Once it’s complete, our members can login to their account online to check their investment and interest earnings.

Client Testimonials

“ Wow! What a team! They make everything flow smoothly. The service that you receive makes the whole process stress free.”

Agata Attano

“ They keep you informed throughout and make sure that you get the maximum stress free returns on your investments. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.”

Jim Parkson

“I have been lucky enough to invest with Money Heaven and their team recently organizing an amazing experience for their clients. Thank you for caring so much”

Ann Bartlett

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Free Consultation & Callback Service


Level 25/108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia


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