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Invest In Growth, Invest in Money Heaven

The biggest question that an investor has is that where to invest money. It is hard to get a risk free return and fear of losing the investment always worries an investor. Because of the fear, young investors tend to save money in the banks. Is it worth to keep money in the bank rather than investing? The answer to this is complicated yet researchers in the financial field states that a person should invest 40% of their savings.

Most of the financial institutions offer equity Index funds. Index funds are nothing special. They’re simply investment vehicles that follow a long-term, transparent, tax-efficient, disciplined approach that is both low-cost and low-maintenance. Active fund managers can replicate this basic idea using rules-based strategies that don’t follow only market indexes.

How are we special?

Money heaven investments provide fixed return on investments. We invest in growing market of Asia where the returns are higher and we purchase discounted invoice in manufacturing sector. The invoices are backed by insurance companies and we purchase them after looking at the fundamentals of the companies. The risk is low and the returns are high.