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User-Centric Wealth Plan by Money Heaven

Money Heavn Investment Plans

silver plan

Pay $1,100 quarterly for a year and get an assured sum of $5,099.00 in the 15th month.

Gold Plan

Pay $2,200 quarterly for a year and get an assured sum of $10,199.00 in the 15th month.

Platinum plan

Pay $4,400 quarterly for a year and get an assured sum of $20,499.00 in the 15th month.

Customized Plan

As per your Customized Requirements, we will settle down the Interest & Timeline.

Protecting & Enhancing the financial well being.

Since 2010, highly principled financial professionals at money heaven investments have worked together in their capacities to bring value to the money. Money Heaven has accomplished what many companies aspire to do, but has never failed – to provide a diversified portfolio for their clients and funnel continuous profits back to the investors.

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Money Heaven Investment Plans

plan Investment Term (months) Fixed Interest Rate (per annum) return terms
$25,000 - $2,50,000 12 9.99 % Paid Half Yearly
$25,000 - $2,50,000 24 12.99 % Paid Yearly
$25,000 - $2,50,000 36 15.99 % Paid Yearly
$25,000 - $2,50,000 60 19.99 % Paid After 2.5 Years
plan Investment Term (months) Fixed Interest Rate (per annum) return terms
$250,001 - $500,000 24 14.99 % Paid Yearly
plan: $5,00,001 - Above We can arrange a meeting to discuss investment options.

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Money Heaven Investments is Australian owned company and all our investments are fully complaint, licensed and risk aversed.


All the major investments done by Money Heaven is secured by top insurance agencies.


Extensive research is done by financial experts and pundits of various sector before Money Heaven takes an investment decision.


All the projects of Money Heaven Investments are transparent and filed by international legal professionals.


All income streams of Money Heaven Investments are uncorrelated to Property, Manufacturing Sector, Commodity, Stock and Bond markets.


Our support team is working and getting better every day to provide you the best you need.


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Put your investing ideas into action with full range of investments.

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This is an evolutionary process of Money Heaven as they really know where exactly to invest and get the most of of that investment.



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Investors data are important for Money Heaven and are kept securely. Only relevant information is required for investment.



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Money Heaven is uncomparable to others with their reliability. Only Money Heaven have amazing return policies in AUS.

FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions


We believe that one who Invest at Money Heaven get a trust factor as we have experienced professional over the period of 20 years in this field. Money Heaven has formulated a simple idea so that a person investing in us get back higher return in less time. We offer a variety of investment opportunities between 3 and 60 months, with fixed interest of up to 12% p.a. paid monthly. Maturity of the investment made at Money Heaven will assure you with guaranteed higher returns that other fixed deposit cannot provide you. Be Happy to Invest with Money Heaven.


A copy of the Annual Report can be obtained from the ASIC website, alternatively a copy may be obtained directly from this website. See the Financial Information page for further information.


Money Heaven will make interest payments within 10 business days at the end of each monthly preference share payment period.


To get started with Money Heaven, Log on to our Website - www.moneyheaven.com.au. Even you can get in touch with our professional on the contact details provided on website. We assure to make yours investment counts as you Invest In Growth.


There are numerous fake companies who take your savings and do not give you return as expected. It is a No! No! with Money Heaven, we at the time of yours investment will predict the close approximate which the investor will receive at the end of their maturity period. We have huge number of categories in which you can invest and get desired result accordingly. We believe in transparency with our customers which is ultimately their rights.


Information on how to go about investing with Money Heaven, can be found on this website or within the prospectus.


Via your account or forward an email to invest@moneyheaven.com.au explaining your changes.


We regularly hold investment briefings to keep our investors up to date with the progress and direction of the company. We also like to use these events to meet prospective investors and provide the opportunity for them to learn more about our company.

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