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Money Heaven Investments is Australian owned company and all our investments are fully complaint, licensed and risk aversed


All the major investments done by Money Heaven is secured by top insurance agencies.


All the projects of Money Heaven Investments are transparent and filed by international legal professionals.


All income streams of Money Heaven Investments are uncorrelated to Property, Manufacturing Sector, Commodity, Stock and Bond markets.

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Since 2010, highly principled financial professionals at money heaven investments have worked together in their capacities to bring value to the money. Money Heaven has accomplished what many companies aspire to do, but has failed – to provide a diversified portfolio...

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The money invested in money heaven investments is invested in a diversified portfolio which ranges from power, infrastructure, entertainment, energy sector, financial services, agriculture and pharma sector. This diversified portfolio provides money heaven investment a fixed and risk free assured returns. Our portfolio consists of short and long term investments handpicked by extensive research by our financial advisers and is fully backed by insurers in the manufacturing sector.

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“ Wow! What a team! They make everything flow smoothly. The service that you receive makes the whole process stress free.”

Agata Attano

“They keep you informed throughout and make sure that you get the maximum stress free returns on your investments. Don't waste your time going anywhere else.”

Jim Parkson

“I have been lucky enough to invest with Money Heaven and their team recently organizing an amazing experience for their clients. Thank you for caring so much”

Ann Bartlett

“We have found Money Heaven to be professional in their approach in finding solutions to not only protect their investor’s funds but also to ensure the profits.”

Bert Freight

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